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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Nov 9, 2021

Lately, Dr. Huntley has been getting a lot of questions about podcasting, with listeners asking things like, “Is it a good idea to do it for my business?” For this reason, our host has decided to dedicate today’s show to the benefits and challenges of podcasting, and give some recommendations for the uses of a podcast platform.

The show begins with a few updates and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Dr. Huntley talks about the recent tweaks she has made to the focus of the show, and a podcast guide she unearthed while conducting a show notes audit. We hear about how our host has given this guide an overhaul, how it organizes past episodes into four categories, and what a huge help it will be as far as guiding people to the amazing resources to be found in the content covered so far. This acts as a great segue into the main section on how podcasting can help your business and professional branding.

Dr. Huntley talks about how this show has helped her build and connect to an audience by allowing her to provide them with resources and learning. She also speaks about how podcasting has helped some of her clients and wraps up with some of the challenges relating to messaging and consistency.

So if you have been debating whether to start a podcast or not, today’s episode is for you!