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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Jul 20, 2021

When Dr. Bernadette Paul’s mother was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, she became very aware of some of the health problems in her community and how they could be treated with proper nutrition.

Today, Dr. Bernadette Paul is a public health and nutrition consultant, community specialist, teacher, and a brand new podcast host. She holds a Ph.D. in public health, specializing in health promotion and community health in addition to a master's degree in nutrition. She is also a member of the board of directors of the nonprofit organization The Whole Community Incorporated and the chairperson of the Health Committee of the Wooster Orrville NAACP.

Dr. Paul joins us to share her passion for using nutrition, education, and health promotion to empower families and communities with sustainable methods to eating healthily. Tuning in, you'll hear about how her business came about in response to the need she witnessed in her community, who she serves, and how helps them live more healthy lifestyles through menu planning, pantry planning, vegetable gardens, and other services.

To find out more about the perfect marriage between nutrition and public health, as well as the importance of collaborations between public health professionals, listen to the full episode!