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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Dec 7, 2021

Today's show focuses on the most pressing issues public health professionals are facing right now, how to resolve them, and how our host is stepping up to this task. Beginning with her assessment of the public health community, Dr. Huntley comments on how professionals are burned out, afraid to put their skills to use in creative ways, siloed from one another, and more. 

Our host moves on to describe the need to create safe spaces where public health workers feel comfortable to think out of the box. She also speaks to the importance of advocating for a wider conception of public health that includes more industries under its umbrella and seeks to connect the dots between them. 

In the last segment, Dr. Huntley talks about how she is working toward these very goals in her podcast and also mentions the wide array of coaching and consulting work she does to this end. For a comprehensive assessment of the public health sphere and the solutions at our disposal, be sure to tune in to the full episode!

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