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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Nov 22, 2022

Today’s episode features a very special announcement.

After months of preparation and negotiation, Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley is thrilled to announce her upcoming book deal with Johns Hopkins University Press!

Since the unprecedented onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, industry leaders have taken a renewed interest in understanding the public health sector, and how it can provide innovative solutions to public health concerns. In this new climate of public health awareness, bridging the gap between public health and entrepreneurship has become more relevant than ever, a topic that has been at the center of Dr. Huntley’s work for many years.

Dr. Huntley is a problem solver at heart and has served countless public health professionals as a business coach by helping them on their entrepreneurial journeys. Tune in to learn what she’ll be covering in her upcoming book, The Public Health Entrepreneur, and how you can gain special access to all the behind-the-scenes developments!