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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Dec 13, 2022

Today’s guest is an expert in maternal and child health, global health, infectious disease, and public health research epidemiology.

At a critical moment in world history, Naissa Piverger found herself caught in the thick of it as a public health advisor for the CDC. While she is still working at the CDC, being involved at the frontlines of COVID gave Naissa access to the pressing necessities of those studying and working in STEM, paving the way for her own career service consulting firm: Piverger Career Services.

Our guest walks us through when she first became interested in public health, before detailing the public health issue she is most passionate about and explaining the ins and outs of her consulting business. Then, we learn how her experience in public health and epidemiology has helped Naissa better serve her community and clients, why COVID vaccines have opened many doors of possibility, and why all public health sectors need to embrace the collaborative nature of epidemiology.

We wrap up with our guest sharing nuggets of wisdom for those looking to further their careers in STEM. After our conversation with Naissa, we truly believe that anything is possible.

To find out why, tune in now!