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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Nov 14, 2017

In this episode, I discuss some of the highlights of my experience sharing my research at two different national conferences.  There are so many things I’d love to go into, but instead I focus on some action points that will hopefully motivate you to plan to attend your first meeting, or take your meetings to the next level if you are already actively attending your association’s annual conference.  If you have not done so already, please listen to the last episode, where I discussed some of the benefits of membership in public health associations. 

As a student or recent graduate, I emphatically believe that becoming actively involved in a public health association can help you prepare and advance your career.  As a mid- or senior-level profession, there are great opportunities for you to continue your career growth and development, as well as mentoring, guiding, and helping others who are the next generation of public health leaders.