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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Aug 21, 2018

Karen Akins joins me to discuss her passion-driven project, a documentary about the negative impact of sugary drinks among children in rural Mexico.  The documentary is scheduled to be complete around spring/summer of 2019.  We plan to have Karen come back to the show next year to discuss the film once its closer to the point of release, because there will be a great opportunity to participate in an educational health promotion campaign within your own local communities.  In this episode, we spend most of our time discussing International Quit Soda Day, which will be October 20, 2018.

Listen carefully as she tells her story, and you’ll be able to hear her passion for the various causes she describes and how that passion has been the driving force (something I’m always encouraging all of you to connect with.  If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check out podcast episode #16, which is all about finding your passion for public health.) I also want you to listen for the opportunities to get involved in raising awareness of the impact of sugary drinks in both of the health promotion projects that she will be describing during the interview.