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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

May 28, 2019

In this episode, I share a story, a message, and an opportunity with you all. I encourage you to listen closely, and take action if any part of this message resonates with you. 

The opportunity is a global health initiative, a fellowship opportunity for visionary young women compelled to carry out the work of achieving universal health coverage for those in greatest need.

The story and message is that the initiative is in memory of, Samya Stumo, who died at age 24 in an airplane crash. She was dedicated to reducing obstacles to accessing health care, particularly those faced by women.  Samya is the niece of Dr. Rania Milleron, who was my guest on the podcast, back on episode 74, which was recorded and published before this tragedy occurred.

Dr. Milleron is a regular listener of this podcast, as well as an active member of the developing your public health career strategy program and group. She is a multidisciplinary professional in public health with a passion for policy and advocacy.

Please take the time to listen to episode 74 and learn more about Dr. Milleron and her public health journey.