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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

May 25, 2021

Dr. April Moreno knows how it feels to live with an autoimmune condition, and her diagnosis is what drove her to help others with this type of disease. Autoimmune diseases are pervasive (about one in five people!) but historically have not received much attention.

Dr. Moreno is also passionate about achieving health...

May 21, 2021

The last day to enroll in the Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO 2021 is May 31st.

Public Health Entrepreneurs Summer Camp starts on June 1st and is only available as a BONUS offer for people enrolled in the EXPO.

On this bonus episode, I’m sharing more details about these programs because you will be...

May 18, 2021

Consultant, advocate, professional, entrepreneur; our guest today holds all of these titles, and works across numerous public health silos with a passion that is inspiring.

Tamara Mason’s lifelong dream was to become a doctor but realizations that she had while studying and working led to her interest in public...

May 11, 2021

The guests featured on this podcast often find creative and fun ways to introduce their community to the world of epidemiology, and today’s guests are no different.

Under the moniker Doughnuts and Data on Instagram, Mee-A Keeton and Sitara Weerakoon encourage their community to explore this field as a viable career...

May 4, 2021

Today we take a special journey exploring the intersection of public health, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology, welcoming Dr. Millicent Eidson to the show!
Our guest has taken her passions for these areas, her well-earned expertise in the field, thrown in some entrepreneurial courage and creativity, and...