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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Jan 10, 2023

We’d love to introduce our guest today, Dr. Natasha Patterson. Dr. Patterson is from Pennsylvania, currently serving as a Professor of Public Health at the College of New Jersey. She teaches courses that focus on public health leadership, health education, and health policy for undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Patterson is very active in the community and serves as a board member, member, and president of different associations, but most importantly she is a mentor to high school and college students, providing guidance and encouragement during their academic and career journeys.

Our conversation flows through all different aspects of the realm of public health including when Dr. Patterson first felt drawn to the field, where her current passion [in public health] lies, and she tells listeners about her consulting business. We discuss the importance of understanding both public health and epidemiology so that we can better serve our communities thus leading to a greater impact.

We also hear from her about her book Combating Institutional Racism Through Mentoring: A public health approach, where she discusses taking a finer look at what mentoring looks like. For all this, and much more, tune into this week’s episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations!


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