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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations

Jan 25, 2022

This episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations is one in a series of special sponsored episodes where we learn about Tribal Epidemiology Centers. We talk to Lucinda Cowboy, from the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center about how she got into public health, what her work involves, and why she's motivated to help the communities that she does.

She translates the beautiful sayings from her mother tongue that inspire her in her work and describes the importance of framing your work within a specific community. We discuss the benefits of having community members represented on the boards of epidemiology centers, and how she combines her indigenous knowledge with the western knowledge she was taught, to help the community. Lucinda ends the episode with two key pieces of advice for students, followed by Dr. Huntley's reflections on the conversation.

Join us for another fascinating episode!


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